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Ali Baba’s, downtown Ann Arbor

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Ali Baba's, downtown Ann Arbor, MI | Ann Arbor Restaurants

Ali Baba's, downtown Ann Arbor, MI

Ali Baba’s offers carry-out, delivery, catering, and dine-in. Us Bouma Group girls often order for delivery, but since it’s located on Packard Rd., a prime location right by U of M campus, its also a student favorite.

Pictured above is January’s wall graffitti that feature’s Cartoon Networks Adult Swim characters. They change it up every so be sure to check it out next time you’re in!

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Local Ann Arbor Art

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Throughout Ann Arbor there are tons of places where you can find wonderful hidden spots of art. On Liberty and State is a great wall mural of poets and just down the street from that is an alley of hidden local art. On Miller Rd under the train tracks is a great mural as well. It all just adds a little spice to the Ann Arborites life. There are so many colors and wonderful things to look at while traveling through downtown Ann Arbor. Even while shopping the boutqiues and walking up and down the sidewalks theres always something interesting to take a  glimpse at; from the people to the buildings to the art that surrounds them!

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