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Comet Coffee

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Comet Coffee is located in the covered walkway of Nickels Arcade, connecting Downtown Ann Arbor’s State St. & Maynard by the U of M campus. They have the basics of coffee like Mochas, Cappacinos, & Americanos displayed on the menu above the counter, in a stylish and modern way. In fact, the coffeeshop is so cute and modern itself. But if the basics arent your style, you feel you need a little more pizzazz… well not only do they offer 15 drip coffees & a variety of unique speciality drinks, but you can give your palette everything it wants with a lemon ginger scone on the side! Yum! Once you get your coffee-needs taken care of at Comet Coffee, you won’t want to go anywhere else! Follow them on twitter @cometcoffee

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Zingerman’s Next Door Downtown Ann Arbor

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Zingerman’s Next Door is located…well, next door to the world famous Zingerman’s Deli in downtown Ann Arbor and has become a favorite coffee house to townies and visitors alike. Zingerman’s Next Door is a great place to sit back and relax or meet with a friend over a cup of their world famous coffee and a gourmet pastry. They also feature barista drinks, tea, chocolate, desserts, gelato, and grab and go sandwiches.

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