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Four Directions

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Four Directions is located at 211 S Main right next door to Falling Water, in downtown Ann Arbor. Four Directions sells gemstones, fossils, metal art, pottery, candles, and jewelry for all ages and tastes. Browse for unique finds or pick up a thoughtful, one of a kind gift for a friend– and take advantage of their in-house giftwrapping!

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First Football game!

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It’s that time again!  In case you haven’t seen all the freshman faces and the students unloading for the fall semester, tonight is the first Football game of the year! U of M will face U-Con in the first game of ’10, tomorrow Saturday 9/4 at 3:30pm! Come early to get the best parking and tailgate with friends.

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Urban Outfitters

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Although Ann Arbor isn’t necessarily the only home of  Urban Outfitters, it is quite popular here! It’s a great big store with both mens and womens clothing. Located right under the State theatre sign on State & Liberty in downtown Ann Arbor. Urban is quite popular amongst the college kids- and you can see the many fashions walking up and down town.

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