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Taste Of India

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Taste of India, located in downtown Ann Arbor on 217 State and Liberty, specializes in herbs and spices to bring forth Indian food thats sticks to thousand year old traditions. They have an everyday lunch buffet, and specialize in Indian and Indo Chinese food.

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Vault of Midnight Comic Books

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Vault of Midnight sells comic books, graphic novels, trades paperbacks, manga, action figures, statues, DVD’s, t-shirts, posters, art prints, and tons of stuff from Kid Robot, StrangeCo, Critterbox, and Toy2R, top comic oriented companies. It’s situated on S Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor and open seven days a week! Head to their website for store info, events, the latest shipment info, and ‘geeky news’.

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Palio, situated right downtown Ann Arbor on Main St., allows you to come in and dine with a couple of friends, a group of people, enjoy the patio seating, or take it to-go. If you’re worried about the Friday night rush, they also take reservations!

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Nickel’s Arcade

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Nickel’s Arcade is a narrow indoor walkway between Maynard and State Streets in downtown Ann Arbor, Nickels Arcade is home to some of A2’s upscale clothing and specialty shops. The ornate stonework and tiled floor, the atrium-style ceiling, the potted plants at store entrances and the tall columns at the State Street end of the arcade exude an atmosphere of antiquity, while the block M penants anchor it all firmly in Ann Arbor

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