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Carillon Chocolates + Coffeehouse

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Carillon Chocolates, formerly the Chocolate House of Ann Arbor, is fairly new to Ann Arbor, but offers a classic touch. Next door to Prickly Pear with an outdoor patio, you can sit with an ice cream or expresso or go inside and sample a variety of different handmade chocolates, pastries, and cakes. The shop offers gift baskets and certificates for those loved ones and special occasions.

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Kerrytown Market & Shops

Named after the Irish town that the founders called home, Kerrytown was originally made up of 3 main buildings in the late 1800’s used for a trade site. Those 3 historic buildings still remain & make up part of the original Village of Ann Arbor. Special care has been used to keep these historic buildings as special as they always were.

The unique shops really add a variety to the downtown area. There’s french, seafood, and japanese dining, a quick lunch stop counter, hair studio, kids stores, Sweetwaters coffee and tea shop, stationary store, home goods store, spice merchant, meat and produce shop, FOUND– a vintage shop, a wine store, a jewelry shop, and adult clothing stores with international items. Also at the Kerrytown tower is meetings and tours 🙂

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Relax the Body & Renew the Spirit at Bellanina

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Located in Kerrytown on Fourth St. is Bellanina Day Spa. It has professional spa and beauty treatments such as full body massages, mani/pedi’s, teeth whitening, steam therapy, hand & foot treatments, and waxing.

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Heavenly & Homemade

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Heavenly Metal has homemade home decor, jewelry, clothing, purses, scarves, etc., all available in her Ann St store or online. The Store is located at 207 E Ann in downtown Ann Arbor. You can also head over to her website & view some of the fashions, see pictures of the store, and shop her boutique.

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Time To Get Hands On!

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Ann Arbor might be full of entertainment and fun night life, with all the bars and events, but it is actually quite kid-friendly! So here’s one for the kids; the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum. Kids can learn with Professor Ray all about chemical reactions, solids and gases, and about sound vibrations. They also have special events such as foam ‘block parties’ and Creature Feature, where animal’s are brought in to share their unique qualities, like owls, iguanas, snakes, & giant turtles.

Open exhibits include a Butterfly and Moth exhibit, NASA Science exhibit, Internet exhibit, Solar and Light exhibits, plus a few others! Great for class field trips or just an afternoon out with Mom and Dad!

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It’s that time of year again!

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To think local…

Spring has sprung, and you know what that means! The fresh produce is out at the Produce Station!

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Grand Opening at New Location!

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Cake Nouveau is moving! Originally located at 206 Fourth St in Kerrytown near downtown Ann Arbor, Cake Nouveau will be serving up tasty treats at their new location on Packard Rd. Cake Nouveau deals with absolutely GORGEOUS cakes and a variety of exotic flavors, such as Almond Joy, Hazelnut Praline, Caramel Apple Cider, Toasted Honey Walnut, Honey Lavendar, Black Tie Coconut, and WAY more!

The cakes are stunning! They can be made for literally any and every occasion; Sweet 16’s, Graduations, new baby, anniversary, weddings, store openings, football games, and anything else you can think of, with ANY kind of theme, from ornate to playful, and quality is always kept in mind.

Courtney Clark is the mastermind behind all the fantastic cakes, or ‘edible art’, appearing in multiple Food Network shows and contests and collecting award after award…she even designed Miley Cyrus’ Sweet Sixteen cake! Visit her WEBSITE for answers to all your questions + see pages of pictures of her extraordinary cakes, as well as a list of available flavors.

Grand Opening at the new location is May 19th at 1924 Packard, Ann Arbor.

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